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Class Information

Elite Team

For the same fee each week, All eisteddfod students receive tuition in all genres of Dance. Training with industry professionals and qualified teachers. Students learn and experience just what it takes to grow in the performing arts industry. Eisteddfod students perform at many events and competitions all year round. Gaining experience working with professionals at many events like the Sydney Royal Easter Show, NRL Grand Final and many fashion shows aswell as boosting confidence and competing at eisteddfods in and around the Sydney region. 

Beginners Program 2-4yrs

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Looking to get your little groover into dance classes at a young age? Our little starz program was introduced in 2015 to give you just what you're looking for. Our little starz program includes, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Singing, Miming and actions. Boosting confidence and bringing out such bright personalitys from young aspiring performers, you can't go wrong with this funfilled jam-packed hour and a half Little Starz Program.

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Juniors 5-8yrs & Inters 9yrs up Programs

Once your child is ready to take the next step from our little starz program but are looking for a new challenge. We offer classes for them to better establish themselves not only as an individual but also as a performer. Focusing on technique and control in both Jazz and Tap. Starting the class off with a warm up and stretch, then going into corner work to learn the importance of basic structure in dance. Students progress each week by learning a routine which they get to perform twice at the end of the year in our Annual Christmas Concert.


All our Acrobatic students are provided with the right equipment and professional teachers who provide excellent training and give a well understanding of the basics to all flips and tricks. All students progress at there own level. However, with our team of professionals and the consistancey of classes we offer each week, we guarntee your son or daughter will be giving crowds the wow factor in no time.


Students who find passion and drive in the performing arts industry are offered the opportunity to progress and participate in yearly examinations to gain qualifications and take the next step to fulfilling there career in dance. Each level of exams is more challenging and with great qualifications and experience you will open doors for your chosen career path in dance.

Private Tuition

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Private tuition is something alot of students here at Carol Murray Productions participate in. Giving your child a great oportunity to work 1 on 1 with industry professionals to build confidence, self esteem as well as discipline and technique. To fit all this into a jam packed half or hour timeslot, its important to get in fast and book the teacher of your choice. Your child can choose to work alone as a soloist or with a friend in a duo, for a reasonable price all students are provided the opportunity to work with our qualified teachers to take that extra step in furthering their career.

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